My name is Chelsea and I am 21 years old working in real estate. In the short time I have worked for Keller Williams, I have learned so much about the home buying process. There are so many steps that I would have never thought about, so I know others are in the same boat as well. I have never owned a home, but I am in the beginning stages of being a first time home buyer. Now, I know you might be wondering “why are you writing a blog about buying a house, when you haven’t done it yourself?” The answer is simple. I am learning all the ins and outs of what it takes to purchase my first home, so I can share with you through my own experience. And, since I know how little I understood about buying a home before I started in real estate, I have a great perspective on what things you need to know. I will be breaking down all the basics, so that the home buying process seems so much simpler.

Let’s be real, we were never taught in school about how to get pre-approved for a loan, down payments, mortgages, interest rates, and the basics of home ownership. I mean, I can do pythagorean theorem, so I’m fully equipped to buy a house, right? Wrong. We’ve been left to take it upon ourselves to learn by doing when it comes to our finances. Everyone knows that feeling when you go to a car dealership to buy your first car, and if you’re not careful in knowing all the facts, you can pay way over what you should, just because you don’t know all the right questions to ask. My hope is that you will gain enough knowledge from my blog to feel fully capable and ready for this even bigger financial step.

So, what is the first step? Well, the biggest tool you should take advantage of as a first time home buyer, which hello it is absolutely FREE to you, is to speak to an experienced realtor. There are many realtors who specialize in the first time home buying process, and are able to walk you through every step of the way. Let’s go back to the car dealership real quick. You are ready to buy a brand new car. Now, imagine if you had someone who freely offered their assistance and was experienced and trained in car sales, was knowledgeable about the market and able to negotiate the price and package of your new car, and had your best interest in mind. It would make buying a car feel like a breeze. That is exactly how it feels to have a realtor when buying a house.

My goal through this is to explain to you how to get from scrolling through Zillow for countless hours a day, to the steps you should take to financially plan and have a realistic expectation about what you can afford in a home.

On my next post we will talk all things lenders, financing, costs associated with purchasing a house, and everything you need to know before you start your search.

See you soon!

x Chelsea